Léo Gourdin

Post-doc @ VERIMAG, UGA, Grenoble

PACSS team (Proofs and Code analysis for Safety and Security).

The prefered way to reach me is via email: leo (dot) gourdin (at) univ-grenoble-alpes (dot) fr

PhD (@ VERIMAG and TIMA laboratories):

"Formal Validation of Intra-Procedural Transformations by Defensive Symbolic Simulation."
The thesis was supervised by Sylvain Boulmé (VERIMAG) and Fédéric Pétrot (TIMA).

More specifically, my work aimed at using translation validation to prove correct multiple local (i.e. limited to basic/super/extended blocks of code) and global (i.e. intra-procedural) transformations using a single generic verifier, certified using the Coq proof assistant. In particular, we investigated how Symbolic Execution (SE) combined with abstract invariants can help in defensively validating complex transformations such as code motion, strength-reduction, or software pipelining. Our work is implemented in an open-source fork of CompCert named Chamois-CompCert, which I used as an object of study for my thesis.

My thesis defense took place on December 12, 2023 at 9:30 a.m.

See the manuscript [PDF]

Research interests:

Formal methods; programming languages; type systems; compilation and optimizations; RISC-V and other open-hardware / modular ISA

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